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Andrew Kramer
Fine Art Painting
Kayenta, Utah

Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in architecture. His last year of architectural studies was in Rome, Italy, where he was immersed in the abundance of great art and architecture of the Italian masters.

Following several years practicing architecture in New York, Boston and Denver, Andrew desired more creativity in his work and changed careers, specializing in large-format architectural photography. With his intimate knowledge of building and interior design, he was successful, working for a variety of clients while photographing projects in over forty states and Canada.

Andrew's background in architecture and photography helped refine his sense of design - composition, light, shadow, color, tonal values - and most importantly, the intangible elements that enhance the experience of the viewer. Upon retiring in 2003, Andrew began painting and found a new passion. With his creative background, painting was a natural transition.


Artist's Statement

"It's difficult to make meaningful statements about visual expression without diminishing the experience. Philosophical descriptions tend to intellectualize and contain that which is much grander - that which is unbounded. Simply stated, I love to paint. I hope others find joy, inspiration, exuberance and beauty in my work. I hope they are moved to realms beyond description."


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